Trickling Springs Dairy Products

We are proud to offer you the fresh milk, ice cream, and butter produced by Trickling Springs Creamery. Their cows are grass fed and their milk is certified organic. Trickling Springs practices low temperature pasturization, where the milk is only heated to 160-165 degrees. This is approximately 114 degrees lower than 'traditionally' pasturized products, which allows the milk products to retain the majority of their proteins, natural enzymes and nutrients while killing bacteria. The whole milk is is offered either homogenized or non-homogenized, which simply means that the cream is not blended 100% into the milk and a layer of cream will settle at the top of the non-homogenized bottle. This can be spooned off for a special addition to your morning coffee or it can be shaken up to blend it in before serving. The 2% Lowfat and Chocolate are homogenized.